Radial Engine Exploded View

A radial engine is an internal combustion engine commonly used in aircrafts
consisting of cylinders rotating around a crankshaft. I modeled this radial
engine in NX12 using 40+ components. In this project, I learned how to create
multiple subassemblies within an assembly and became more efficient
at using NX12's features for assemblies with repetitive patterned features.

Butterfly Valve

The buttefly valve consists of a disc and actuator that can be turned to open
or close off a volume. I modeled this butterfly valve after playing with it's throttle
capabilities on my Edwards Diffstak Oil diffusion pump. In this assembly, I learned
to use assembly constraints to allow the disc to move on the shaft 90 degrees.
By playing with my butterfly valve and then replicating it's motion in CAD, I gained
a better understanding of the importance of tolerances and precise dimensions so parts
can fit appropriately and smoothly interact with each other when moving.

Pulley Support

This pulley support consists of a wheel, axle and base. A rope is placed
on the wheel, allowing the user to move heavy objects with less force.
I modeled this with a couple of engineering drawings and a part list and
then applied appropriate constraints.

GD&T Applied To Spur Gear

I modeled a spur gear in NX from scratch and created an engineering drawing
with Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing. I referenced the Machinery's Handbook
to find equations that modeled the dimensions of the spur gear and input them into
NX12 to create the sketch. I also learned about ASME Y14.5 standards to pick appropriate tolerances.
For example, I learned that the bore tolerance varies dependent on the type of fit I intend to have with
the shaft and the cost I'm expecting to pay from a machinist.

2D Convection Model in Ansys

I modeled the convection in a rectangle in Ansys. This is my first application of Finite Element Analysis
using Cornell's Introduction To Engineering Simulations course. I learned how to setup a mesh given a certain
problem and use Ansys to generate a solution with boundary conditions. This is a work in progress and
I'm currently learning how to understand and validate the results of a solution in ANSYS.

Flange Coupling

Two 4.5" Conflat Flange Half Nipple Fittings bolted together.