• Studying engineering and foundational physics and math at UBC.
    • Reading about Effective Altruism, rationality and the philosophy of minds.

    Things I Care Deeply About

  • 1. Building sustainable, economical nuclear energy.
  • 2. Improving intelligence; both human and machine.
  • 3. Understanding the fascinating laws that govern our universe.

Where I've Worked

General Fusion - Research Intern

  • Tested the wetting of liquid lithium on various substrates for General Fusion's commerical fusion reactor
  • Designed and built a liquid lithium syringe in Solidworks
  • Built a liquid lithium evaporation setup using vacuum systems, heaters and more.

Sanctuary AI - AI Research Intern

  • Used NLP and Deep Learning to create an algorithm that addresses a problem in Sanctuary's Cognitive Architecture.
  • Wrote preprocessing scripts in Keras for large image datasets

Xanadu - Quantum Machine Learning Intern

  • Wrote documentation for Strawberry Fields.
  • Developed a Quantum Neural Network to classify Fibonacci sequences
  • Researched the application of Reinforcement Learning to Continuous Variable Quantum Computing


  • Building an Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusor
  • Modeled fun assemblies in NX12
  • Wrote about the basics of Fusion Energy