Fusion Commercialization

SULI Talk: Bob Mumgaard

Timing: Can fusion solve the clean energy problem?

If it will, this sets the timing for fusion. If it doesn’t meet the timing, then another energy source will solve the problem.

(if fusion were to follow the scaling for any other energy source)

If we want fusion to work, we need to use 10,000 plants Commercialization is the path of getting from current fusion industry (government + research) to putting fusion energy on the grid so that customers want to switch to fusion energy.

Fusion Companies: - approx. 28 companies

Learning Cycle

Steps of the cycle 1. describe hypothesis 2. identify assumptions 3. identify biggest risks 4. plan a test 5. build something 6. test assumptions 7. analyze and rethink 8. evaluate whether people care –> is your tech even wanted or needed by people?

Have a competitive edge

Feedback from the energy world

What they need to see - net energy high power production ASAP - in a package that scales to an economical and market-relevent power plant e.g not ITER - in a robust and simple as possible configuration - in a market relevant timeframe - with concrete timeframe to track progress

There’s no difference between a product that works that nobody buys vs one that doesn’t work.

CFS’s estimate for fusion energy to the grid: 15 years. - This is a really long time relative to 15 years of progress in other industries.