Fusor Progress Log


Build an Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusor (IEC), detect fast neutrons and test new experiments to increase the rate of fusion.

December 2020

Main Focus: Collecting parts and gaining a deeper understanding of how IEC works.


January 2021

Main Focus: Grants, purchasing parts, designing potential experiments.


February 2021

Main Focus: Purchasing parts

Progress: - Bought Edwards Diffstak 63MM Diffusion Pump - Bought Glassman HV PSU - Bought JB DV-142N Roughing Pump - Bought 40kV High Voltage Feedthrough - Bought majority of foreline vacuum parts - Bought conflat flanges for main chamber - Bought 200k Ohm Ballast Resistors - Bought Tungsten wire - Bought vacuum gauges - Spent countless hours on fusor net

To Purchase: - HV Stalk - Diffusion Pump’s Water Cooling System - Various NW10/16 flanges, O rings - Various HV Parts