• Studying Engineering Physics at UBC.
    • Exploring how we can prevent future pandemics using metagenomic sequencing.

    Fun jobs

    Cambridge Existential Risk Initiative - Summer Research Fellow

    • Led a 10 week research project on identifying technological bottlenecks in biosurveillance systems to prevent future pandemics under Akhil Bhansal
    • Published a report that maps out biosurveillance technologies and explains the core technological bottlenecks in metagenomic sequencing technology for use in clinical and environmental settings

    General Fusion - Research Intern

    • Tested the wetting of liquid lithium on various substrates for General Fusion's commerical fusion reactor
    • Designed and built a liquid lithium syringe in Solidworks
    • Built a liquid lithium evaporation setup using vacuum systems, heaters and more.

    Sanctuary AI - AI Research Intern

    • Used NLP and Deep Learning to create an algorithm that addresses a problem in Sanctuary's Cognitive Architecture.
    • Wrote preprocessing scripts in Keras for large image datasets


    • Published an overview on the pathogen biosurveillance landscape
    • Researched the technological bottlenecks in biosurveillance technologies
    • Building an Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusor